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Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Rumours Leading Up To Oscar Nominations

Got a few more tidbits about upcoming flicks, so I thought I'd share them with you.

First up, Kiefer Sutherland has expressed his expectation that, even though there have been huge script problems, the "24" movie will start shooting by the end of this year.  It is mostly speculation on his part, but being inside the situation maybe gives him the insight nobody else has.  Full article can be found at Next Movie.  Stay tuned for more info on this troubled title.

Elsewhere, Universal has picked up the rights to distribute a documentary on the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange.  Director Alex Gibney, known for his docs on such hot topics as Enron and Guantanamo Bay, will be making this feature.  No word on whether Assange will actually participate in the movie, chances are good that he will given the fact that he needs cash for his upcoming Swedish court case, and the movie itself will give him a larger soapbox to speak from.

At Sundance 2011, Kevin Smith is about to show his horror movie, "Red State," to audiences for the first time.  Odd that for a movie that has yet to be shown, a church group is already planning to stage a protest.  This isn't "Dogma," so what could they be upset about?  Well, according to the Sundance Institute's John Cooper, the protest isn't aimed specifically against Smith's film, they are protesting any film involving homosexuality.  Nice to know that people are open-minded and intolerance is a thing of the past.  Asses.

Finally, put this in the 'too weird which makes it likely' department:  Will Smith is planning a remake of "Annie," with his daughter Willow as the titular orphan.  Apparently he is hoping to get Jay-Z to rework the music from the Broadway show.

That'll be interesting.  The whole article can be found at Variety.

Until next time, keep the popcorn warm for me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rumours Ahoy!

The seas be rough today, and many a rumour and truth be a-floating upon the waves.  Let's get our net, hold it over the side, and see what we can catch, shall we?

Let's start off with "The Dark Knight Rises," the next in the current Batman franchise.  Looks like our first fish is about Anne Hathaway landing the role of Catwoman in what is planned to be the final movie in this series.  In addition, it is said that Tom Hardy has been tapped to play Bane.  Only time will tell if yet another villain is set to join up in the fight against the Bat.  Will keep you posted from here, I shall.

The next fishie to jump in my boat is more of a rumour than anything else.  Seems as though Warner Bros. is in the planning/writing stags to take one of it's more beloved franchises in a totally new direction, minus an anti-Semitic actor gumming up the works.  No longer content to fuel rumours of a "Lethal Weapon 5," they plan to re-launch the series with an entirely new cast, minus the downward-spiralling Mel Gibson.  Joel Silver et al have even green-lit a writer, former LAPD officer Will Beall (writer of the "Gangster Squad" script), to apply ink to paper and expects him to maintain the R-rated tone of the original.  As it has been long rumoured that another "Lethal Weapon" movie was in the works, due to the heaps of cash the franchise has made over the years, we'll see if there are any legs to this fish.  Also possibly on the horizon from the WB are remakes of "The Wild Bunch," "Tarzan," and "Oh God!"

It is no secret that director Sam Raimi is set to make a prequel to "The Wizard Of Oz."  The film, Disney's "Oz, The Great And Powerful" has had Robert Downey Jr. tagged as the titular wizard, but no longer.  Seems that he is dropping out of movies quite regularly these days, having also fled from the role he was meant to play in Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" opposite Sandra Bullock.  Guess he wants to take a little break, now that he's done filming "Sherlock Holmes 2."  Who has Raimi gotten to replace RDJ?  Well, none other than Johnny Depp.

Here's a little nibbler that is only slightly movie-related:  Our Toronto Sun reports that George Lucas firmly believes that the world is going to end Roland Emmerich-style in 2012.  Follow the link to the article, and get a glimpse into why the "Star Wars" prequels sucked so much.

Here is the official "Scream 4" trailer...or is it "Scre4m?"  Time will tell...Meanwhile, here is the trailer for "Red Riding Hood" as well.

And here is the first photo of our new Spidey, thanks to Daniel P for reminding me to post it.

Well, that's about all the net can scoop out today.  Join me next time, won't you, when I discuss why certain movies were not to be found on my list of anticipated 2011 movies.  For some it should be obvious, but for others perhaps I'll explain.  Until then, keep the popcorn warm!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011 - Movie Version

Morning all.  Since this isn't one of the websites that will discuss fashion, or argue about who should have won versus who did win, I'm afraid you'll have to go elsewhere for that.  If you are looking for a comprehensive breakdown of each and every category, complete with listing who was nominated, and dissecting the speeches line by line, there are sites for that too.  As I stated at the top of the blog, this is for people who love movies, and I do, but given this year's crop of films I don't have a lot to say.  This will probably polarize my audience, but not as much as Ricky Gervais did last night, so I have that going for me.  That being put out of the way, here's my write-up regarding last night's awards show.

First of all, I'd like to give a shout out to Colin Firth for his Best Actor win for "The King's Speech."  I have yet to see most of the movies up for nomination this awards season, but what I have seen of this one has me very interested.  Personally, I like Colin Firth and was pulling for him to win when watching last night, so kudos for him.

Also happy to see that "The Kids Are Alright" won Best Picture - Comedy Or Musical.  Great cast in this one, though again, I have yet to see it.  Get used to this; just because I'm unable to go to theatres doesn't mean I don't have an informed opinion, so there.  Of course, have to mention Annette Bening's win for Best Actress - Comedy or Musical for her role in the film.  This is another I'm very interested in seeing.

I saw "Toy Story 3" win Best Animated Picture last night.  I actually own the Blu-Ray for this movie, but have declined to watch it due to the overwhelming number of people who are publicly declaring it to be a complete tearjerker.  I figure that the last thing I need is to get more down than I already feel on a day-to-day basis, so I'm waiting until I am having a really good day to throw it in the player.  Driving my wife and housemate mad with the fact I won't watch it yet, but there it is.

I also was happy to see "The Fighter" get some accolades as well.  Both Supporting Role awards went to this film, to Christian Bale and Melissa Leo.  My own personal interest in this film has grown over the last month or so, and I am really looking forward to January 25th when the nominations for this year's Academy Awards are announced to see where it falls on the lists.

Now, I know myself.  I know that what I'm about to write might get some of you scratching your heads, and I know that my opinion on the following topic is not the 'popular' one.  I am just writing this as a warning for those of you who might take it the wrong way.  Let me be clear - I'm not bashing the flick, or anyone who created or starred in it.  Rather, I'm bashing the subject matter, and the subject matter only.  Continue reading with that in mind.

I can't stand that "The Social Network" even got made.  Seriously.  We're talking about a movie that has become the critic's choice of this award season, and is likely to gather more nominations for the Oscars than any other film.  Makes me want to be ill.  We're discussing one of my favourite writers, Arron Sorkin, getting a win for Best Screenplay for this film, and it makes me shake my head in disbelief.  David Fincher, the director of one of my favourite movies of all time (that'd be "Fight Club" for anyone interested), got awarded Best Director, and I hang my head in frustration.  Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win for Best Original Score, and I am in shock.  Trent Reznor?  Trent freaking Reznor?  From "The Downward Spiral" to a score for a film about a websiteAre you kidding me?

I'm happy for these winners, I'm happy they made a film that is a critical success...but did it have to be this film?  Really?  And then, as a final insult, to have it win Best Motion Picture - Drama on top of it all...my mind reels in wonderment.  I must admit, I am a Facebook hater, and I do apologize but I have many reasons.  For those reasons, feel free to drop by my theme-less blog, Crap I Think About.  Once the post is published, the name of the blog will become an active link, and please be aware that this is a blog with language and content intended for more adult viewing, but nothing pornographic.  For now, let me just say congratulations to the winners, and I just wish it had been a different subject that the film you were winning for was about.

There you have my view of the big winners of the evening.  No, I did not include each and every award.  To put it simply, these are the awards and winners I care about, and that's why they are here.  As for the television-based awards, I have a whole other blog for that, and I've posted my thoughts regarding those awards there, at Telly Vision.  It too is a short write-up, again only focussing on the shows I enjoy.  What can I say, I write about what I like.

Until next time, keep the popcorn warm for me.