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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rumours Ahoy!

The seas be rough today, and many a rumour and truth be a-floating upon the waves.  Let's get our net, hold it over the side, and see what we can catch, shall we?

Let's start off with "The Dark Knight Rises," the next in the current Batman franchise.  Looks like our first fish is about Anne Hathaway landing the role of Catwoman in what is planned to be the final movie in this series.  In addition, it is said that Tom Hardy has been tapped to play Bane.  Only time will tell if yet another villain is set to join up in the fight against the Bat.  Will keep you posted from here, I shall.

The next fishie to jump in my boat is more of a rumour than anything else.  Seems as though Warner Bros. is in the planning/writing stags to take one of it's more beloved franchises in a totally new direction, minus an anti-Semitic actor gumming up the works.  No longer content to fuel rumours of a "Lethal Weapon 5," they plan to re-launch the series with an entirely new cast, minus the downward-spiralling Mel Gibson.  Joel Silver et al have even green-lit a writer, former LAPD officer Will Beall (writer of the "Gangster Squad" script), to apply ink to paper and expects him to maintain the R-rated tone of the original.  As it has been long rumoured that another "Lethal Weapon" movie was in the works, due to the heaps of cash the franchise has made over the years, we'll see if there are any legs to this fish.  Also possibly on the horizon from the WB are remakes of "The Wild Bunch," "Tarzan," and "Oh God!"

It is no secret that director Sam Raimi is set to make a prequel to "The Wizard Of Oz."  The film, Disney's "Oz, The Great And Powerful" has had Robert Downey Jr. tagged as the titular wizard, but no longer.  Seems that he is dropping out of movies quite regularly these days, having also fled from the role he was meant to play in Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" opposite Sandra Bullock.  Guess he wants to take a little break, now that he's done filming "Sherlock Holmes 2."  Who has Raimi gotten to replace RDJ?  Well, none other than Johnny Depp.

Here's a little nibbler that is only slightly movie-related:  Our Toronto Sun reports that George Lucas firmly believes that the world is going to end Roland Emmerich-style in 2012.  Follow the link to the article, and get a glimpse into why the "Star Wars" prequels sucked so much.

Here is the official "Scream 4" trailer...or is it "Scre4m?"  Time will tell...Meanwhile, here is the trailer for "Red Riding Hood" as well.

And here is the first photo of our new Spidey, thanks to Daniel P for reminding me to post it.

Well, that's about all the net can scoop out today.  Join me next time, won't you, when I discuss why certain movies were not to be found on my list of anticipated 2011 movies.  For some it should be obvious, but for others perhaps I'll explain.  Until then, keep the popcorn warm!

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