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Thursday, January 6, 2011

'Real To Reel' Opens Its Curtains

Greetings to one and all.  A new blog starting here, talking about movies.  What's popular in cinema, what fails horribly on the big screen.  I'll be discussing what I like to watch, what others like to watch, and where different genres are heading.  I'll touch upon movie sequels that flop, the few that fly, and which movies should have had a sequel but didn't.  Together, we'll look at tent poles, independents, Blu-Ray and iTunes, and discuss what is working and what isn't.

All this, but no rumour-mongering - at least as far as celebrities go.  This will not be a fashion blog, a personality blog, a who-is-seeing-who or who-broke-up-with-who blog.  You won't find pictures of actors on this site, unless they happen to be a feature of a marketing poster.  No glamour shots here.

I will, however, post rumours of titles heading to the screens, features expected on DVD releases, and maybe even throw in circulating information about what scripts are out there to be snatched up.  I will also talk about studios and franchises, and give my opinion upon which catalog titles are worth the bucks of the average consumer.

Simply put, if you like movies, get ready to do a lot of reading.  The lights will dim for our first feature post in the next few days, so get your popcorn ready and get comfortable!

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