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Monday, January 24, 2011

Keanu Reeves Drops Bombshell - And Other News

Am I maybe exaggerating?  Maybe.  You be the judge.  Personally, I'm interested, but skeptical.  Only time will tell.

So here's the news:  Keanu was at the London International School For The Performing Arts where he was speaking to a class about a current movie of his.  Which movie?  Who cares, the news that I'm leading up to would make you forget the name anyway.  Well, he gets talking about new movies he's gearing up to do, including "47 Ronin" and "Bill & Ted 3."  Then he starts talking about the big news.

The Wachowskis have written scripts for "Matrix" 4 and 5, and they will be in 3D.

Additionally, they have talked to James Cameron regarding the advantages and disadvantages of filming with 3D.  Keanu promised that he wants these movies to be worthy of the name "Matrix," and that the visuals will change movie-making the same way the visuals in the first "Matrix" movie did.

He went on to discuss how the Wachowskis have sold a script to Warner for $5 million, making it the most expensive script sale in history, for a futuristic version of "Robin Hood" with Will Smith attached as the lead.  Full story can be found on AICN.

Oh, and there is also a rumour floating about that the DVD/Blu-Ray for "Tron: Legacy" has a teaser bit for "Tron 3."  Guess we'll have to wait for the release for that to be proven true or false.  Having yet to see the sequel, I have no comment other than the reporting of the rumour.

Until next time, keep the popcorn warm.

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